Our 2016 Celebration Dinner was a success! We enjoyed sharing with so many of you about what God has done over this last year. We had our largest group yet; 9+ local churches were represented, and partners from 2 other states as well! Thank you for coming out! We enjoyed serving you, and we pray that you were blessed to see the lives touched through your partnership with B.H.I.!






Coming Up…
We’ve been back Stateside for just over 7 weeks now. We have taken a bit of a rest during that time. We’ve also been working to finish up schooling for the girls, tend to B.H.I. admin tasks, Dr. and Dentist visits, meet with loved ones & mission partners, hosting the Celebration gathering, and Jason has been working on some construction projects to help with the family financial needs. So, these weeks have passed very quickly for us!

ROAD TRIP!! Next week we will begin our travels through Idaho, Washington, Oregon and California. This is an annual trip for us to connect with loved ones, missions partners and churches that would be interested in hearing about our work in South Sudan. If you have any new connections for us, or people who might be interested in having us share, please let us know!

Our Travel Schedule:

May 21-23rd  – Rest time for our family in the CA, Redwoods

May 24-30th – Orange County (San Diego, Los Angeles, etc…)

May 31-June 2nd – S.F. Bay Area

June 3-7th – Redding

June 7-10th – General Portland, OR and/or Seattle

As always, our hope is to share with the Body of Christ about God’s work in South Sudan, to encourage people to be “on mission” no matter where they are, and to just plain be a blessing along the way. Thanks for your prayers for this journey and for new connections!




Our Plans For 2016/2017

Proverbs 16:1 says “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps”.
Proverbs 16:3 says “Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans succeed”.

We’ve planned to head back to Juba, South Sudan mid-July. It is difficult to make plans when some of the necessary details are not available to us, or are unknown. This is where we ALL have to exercise faith (in a Good Father who KNOWS all those details); listening closely to His voice, and preparing as much as is possible. That being said… We want to tell you about our plans, as best we can, for this next season in South Sudan.

This year we plan to serve a longer term in Africa than we have in the past. Over the last 5 years we have spent between 6-9 months on the field with a USA re-connection trip in between. This has worked well for us, most especially the last two years because of the difficulties that come with living/working in South Sudan. This year we’re planning to stay in Juba for a total of 10-11 months, with a Christmas break spent in Cape Town, South Africa instead of the USA. We are so excited about all of the opportunities the Lord has given us to partner with Him this year in South Sudan, and this longer timeline is what we see is needed to make it possible.

Below you will find descriptions of the 2016/2017 outreach projects we will be working on, some of the financial needs for both our family, and that of the ministry. We hope you enjoy sharing in these, praying along with us, and partnering with us in those areas you feel led.


Equipping Communities (Weekly gatherings, held in 3 month blocks)

* Worship Community: Weekly gathering of young adults who are already serving, or want to serve the Lord through music ministry. This group is focused on cultivating a community of young people who will be Romans 12:1 worshipers wherever God plants them. Along with small group discipleship, prayer & worship, we work to practically strengthen their vocal and other musical abilities.  Needs: $1,000 for a guitar, a box drum and other teaching resources.

* Women’s Health Education (W.H.Ed.): Weekly gatherings for women who want to learn more about women’s health. The goal is to cultivate a Christ-centered community, and provide health education that will equip and empower women in their role as caregivers. Needs: $300 for teaching resources and supplies, a female translator who speaks English well.

* Leadership Training: Weekly gatherings for the current and upcoming leaders of Divine Mission Church in Munuki. The goal of this community group is to assist Pastor Abraham in his desire to further develop a strong leadership team. We will be covering subjects such as: What is a disciple? The heart of a disciple maker, How to study the Bible, The Great Commission, Understanding the Old Testament, etc… in an interactive group setting. This will be similar to our Gateway Discovery Bible groups, but focused on equipping leaders to be disciples who make disciples.


Primary School Outreach:
Nayana and Sarah are developing plans for a weekly outreach to Munuki Primary School. They plan to use art and song to enrich, encourage, and share God’s love with the younger children (Preschool – grade 3) Needs: $800 We would like to also see some new desks made for the children. There are desks for approx. 300 students, but the school has almost 700 enrolled.
Farming God’s Way: (F.G.W. also known as “Foundations for Farming“)
FGW is a discipleship and agricultural tool which works to see people restored, equipped and empowered to be all that God has created them to be. You can read more about FGW here: www.farming-gods-way.org  We plan to do two things with FGW this year,
1. Run a full teaching/implementation of the program with the Mundari people (March 2017)
2. Assist our last year’s graduates in implementing their plans to share FGW in their home communities. (As God provides opportunity in 2016)
Needs: $2,000 for farming tools, seeds, teaching materials and travel costs.
Church Construction Assistance:
Divine Mission Church has been saving and planning to build a new church building, as their current building (built from mud bricks) is too small for their current weekly gatherings, and  any further growth. The piers for the new foundation were set, but in January it was revealed that these are not adequate enough to continue building. Jason will be providing assistance in coordinating with leaders and building committee members to implement a plan to see the foundation set properly. Our goal is to assist wherever we can because we know this new building will mean more people being restored, equipped and empowered through the local church! Needs: Financial partners who would like to sow into seeing the church building completed. Contact us for more specific info.
Clean Water Filtration Systems:
We still have 3 Sawyer water filters left over from last year. We plan to install these, and any other filters we are able to bring with us this year. Our goal is to install as many as possible and share the love of Christ through the gift of clean, disease free water!
Needs: Approx. $1,000 to assist with the completion of filtration systems (water tanks, plumbing and transport of materials to location), and more filters. 1 Sawyer water filter costs $130 and filters 99.99% of all bacteria and virus. Each filter has a lifespan of over 1 million gallons. Contact us for more info.
Vocational Training:
Men and women need skills to create businesses and to earn an income. We have several ideas in the planning phase for vocational training, dependent upon fundraising results this summer. We will be hosting small group instruction for people who have an interest in learning various woodworking and building trades. Our goal would be to pair skills training with discipleship; giving people an opportunity to build on their current skills/knowledge and practice values like quality workmanship, timeliness and integrity.
Needs: $15,000 for tools, supplies for participants, building materials, etc… Contact us for more specific information.
Other Financial Needs: (Related to Missionary Service)

Stark family airfare: $6,000
2016/2017 Housing costs: $6,000 (must be paid in advance)
2016/2017 Homeschool curriculum: $2,000
Teacher’s assistant wages: $5,000
Other misc. supplies: $5,000
Vehicle repairs/registration (S.Sudan): $1,000

Thank you again for your prayers and partnership!

With Love,
On Behalf of Birthing Hope International and the Stark Family,

Jammie M. Stark