Below you will find a video testimony from Pastor Abraham and his wife Ginigo. They serve as pastors of a medium sized missional church congregation in the town of Munuki in South Sudan. They like many others have a real problem obtaining clean water for drinking, washing, cooking etc… They live on a plot which houses their family and extended family, the church congregation, a Christian school and is also the meeting place for many community events. Pastor Abraham & his wife are very much living in service to their community and church, so we thought what a great way to bless them (w/ CLEAN WATER) and through them, bless many others. This is God’s heart… His blessing is designed to flow through our relationships; touching the lives of others! Pastor Ginigo also works very hard to produce a product she can sell to help bring income to her family, and to the ministry work their family does. She has created a  product that makes a big impact- it’s called the “Don’t Die” Drink. She has been for years taking water from their normal source (the Nile River) and mixing different herbs, sugar and fruit juice to make her own re-hydration drink and Popsicles. She bought a freezer and is blessed with a continuous power supply to cool/freeze her product (courtesy of the neighboring cell phone tower). She sells this product to more than 250 people a day, curbing dehydration of school children & neighbors, and generating an income for her family. Her hard work is amazing! But, for years she has been making this drink with the river water that is full of contaminants (including Typhoid and Cholera). Now with the water tower and filter we installed, she makes a “Don’t Die” drink that is free from all bacteria & viruses! It is truly a “Don’t Die” drink now!

We thank God for each of our partners who has given towards the transformation of lives through Clean Water Projects!

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